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Welcome to Capitol Commission Oklahoma!

Elected members of the Oklahoma legislature face unique challenges and extraordinary pressures. Regardless of political party, the most needed and meaningful help available is the power of God through prayer and the eternal truth of Scripture.

Three Pillars of Work
1. Pastoral presence within the state capitol for elected leaders and their staff.
2. Proclaiming the Word in weekly Bible studies or devotions.
3. Prayer for all those in authority as the Bible teaches in 1 Tim. 2:1-4.

God cares for all people and when our leaders are better, we are all better. As Christ’s ambassadors sharing truth and grace in the State Capitol, the power of God is at work among the leaders serving communities across the state of Oklahoma. (2 Cor. 5:11-21)

Join Us to Impact Leaders at the State Capitol
1. GIVE | Visit to make a generous one-time gift or enroll in faithful monthly giving to shape a culture of civility, integrity, and servant leadership among our elected leaders. Be sure to indicate the Oklahoma ministry.(Donate Here)
2. PRAY | Pray for the men and women working in our state capitol. Visit for biblical prayer guides and more information about how to pray for elected leaders.
3. FOLLOW | Click Here and sign up to receive The Oklahoma Capitol Report providing regular updates, news, and opportunities to reach the Oklahoma Capitol for Christ. Follow Joel at and on Twitter @JoelWHarder

Finally, it would be my pleasure to speak at your church, sharing more about how God is working in the state capitol and together we can consider specific ministry opportunities where your church can get involved.

Joel Harder
State Minister


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Joel Hardero-Oklahoma
Joel Harder
State Minister



322 NE 15th ST Oklahoma City OK 73104


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Joel Harder

Dr. Joel W. Harder is the state minister for Oklahoma. Harder is an experienced organizational leader with over 10 years working in international leadership development through local churches, nation-wide non-profits, and political arenas.

Harder’s international work includes initiatives in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. In 2016, he coordinated and led an inaugural pastor’s conference in an Eastern European nation, gathering pastors from across the southeastern region of that country ministering in largely unengaged communities with ties throughout Central Asia.

Harder earned a BA in Political Science from the University of North Texas and a Master’s of Social Work from Baylor University. In Feb 2018, Harder earned a Doctorate of Education with a research focus in e-mentoring and spiritual formation. He conducted a nation-wide doctoral research study of e-mentoring among business professionals in 2017 and has been a guest lecturer at Georgetown University and the John Leland Baptist Center for Theological Studies. Harder provides regular pulpit supply and his sermons are posted online at

Joel is married to Donelle and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Philece and Farrow.

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